Broken Throne

Hommel State

As the Party returns to town, these things have changed:

(spot checks):: A cloaked man seems to be glancing over you, examining your weapons. (better check) they seem to pay particular attention to Triannas sword.

(Hounds Head):: The Hounds head is filled with a lot of strangers, people looking hungry and wounded.

(Roland):: One of the men greets Roland, and manages a smile for the man. “You probably don’t remember me, but I was in the general store, that night in Lindow….you saved most of these people.”

(Mayor) Mayor Therril Tovil is excited to see his son, and in the heat of his joy, he promises you each one special favor within his means.

(Tordek’s house) Lyle, Druthar, Tordek, and Lia are gathered there, and grant you the payment from the Mayor (800 gold).

There are also packages:

Roland: payment of 70 gold in an ornately carved wooden box (worth 15 gold)

Trianna: a note from bounty hunter friend about a colleague kidnapped. sends memo from ATARI.

Kislev: a message from The Sparrows about his druid mentor missing. (Missing Spellcasters, Garlgold mines. Overseer Prutha)

Mercorser: Message from home town about orc problems. (Wolfrider Targheg)



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