Broken Throne

Session 2: The Mystery!

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Osfrid, Trianna, Kislev, Roland, and Mercorsor are summoned to Tordek’s home, the ad hoc headquarters of the Emerald Watch. Tordek and Druthar are there, stern-faced, with a man standing behind them, looking equally grim. As you all enter, the man steps forward and introduces himself as Shawnarell, the Mayor’s aid. He has hired your company to assist in an investigation. The town has a volunteer constabulary, but not really any sort of investigations division.

The Mayor’s son, Ian Torvil has been abducted.

Log book:
Saeryn of Veluna
Sarah Baker
Brevarre Brewer, the Braumeister.
Rannos Trader
Layrol of Hardstone

Search DC 10: Wooden wall beside the door shows corrosion marks, and dripping burns from the primary mark.

Some strands of red hair (a few inches long) can be found (Search DC 15)

Detect Magic finds 3 faint auras present and fading. Spellcraft DC 20 x3 = Conjuration, Evocation, Evocation.

Search DC 15: Powder scattered near the main struggle.

Powder Analysis: DC 15 Nature.
Salt form puffy looking cubes, while Sugar form sharp angled crystals. (It’s sugar)

Ransom Note:

Ink Chromatography: DC 15 History = Know there are two black inks sold in town.

DC 20 nature: One is berry based and will show bands of color. Other is Fauna based and should remain mostly black.

Signature Analysis: DC 15 Forgery. Compare handwriting styles to samples from suspects.

  • DELAY ***Search DC 20 Footprint found that doesn’t match the rest. 11" footprint.

Knowledge Nature checks:
DC 15 for human length to height ratios = 15 percent.
DC 18 for elf length to height ratios = 10, narrower feet.
DC 20 for dwarfs length to height ratios = 20, wider feet.



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