There are various groups of orcs linked here, but this will cover the three that have active plots.

Mix Orcs: Lose other clan affiliations when they join Mix. Follow his plots.

Wolfrider Targheg: Hired by Astrid Olvir to eliminate the Royal Family of Throncrest. They are camped in a cave east and south of Throncrest. Currently raiding Mercorser home village. Throncrest is not reacting to pleas. They have Austrand Valren, Lord Throncrest’s youngest son hostage.

Overseer Prutha: Overseer of the Garlgold mines, currently leading the Orcs there, who are in charge of goblin slaves. They have partnered with The Redeemer’s spy network to help move Spellcasters out of town, through underground caverns that connect to the mining tunnels of Pax Gold / Redeemer territory.


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