The Redeemer

Name and Heraldry:

Hieronymus Pollux

Title: The Redeemer

Symbol: a white field, a hammer held horizontal in a fist all in gold.

Colors: Gold and white


Raised by parents who basically worshiped the old empire.

he has been training since a young age to try and restore it (clearly gonna fail).

but yes, trying to restore the old empire


500 standing armsmen.

has a core of elite guards trained in the old ways (thinking roman legion types)

was thinking they were actually idealists like him
not for gain necessarily, though that is expected, but for “a better world”
what’s harder to kill than a dream after all


Uses allied elf forces to act as spy hunters and general inquisition force that sometimes gets a bit overzealous?

so the Elves buy their freedom by putting down rebels and sniffing out rebellion

yeah that sounds right
maybe they even make up some rebels now and then to stay on his good side
or else they’ll be in breach of contract


Oversee the Redeemer’s mines. uses captured slaves and rebels to mine Pax Gold.

Faith and Ideals

okay so, for a Cleric of The Redeemer
one would have to be Law
Domination or Tyrant

maybe almost a reluctant god? while he doesnt go around talking about being a god himself there is a steadily growing cult of personality thing going on.

but basically Albion was a nation (you would know this…no one else does)
that had been an Empire
for 500 years (2500 years ago)
and a good aligned King ordered ceasefires. He stopped the Empire and signed trade agreements
he re-forged the nation as a nation, and started healing old relations.
then the Council, which was the Royal magical order
assassinated the king, started wars again, and tried to re-build the Empire.

Their plot was uncovered by heroes and their upper leadership was killed off…the Council was destroyed, but the Imperial Albion persisted, and became this fallen empire
(which I have a name for)
steam will know

anyways I think the Empire that came from that inherited those values…Human Supremacy, Magic Supremacy, they had a much more streamlined set of gods and believed that strength was found in unity.

involved in a well regulated slave trade.
In his direct land, the towns pay tithes to him.

The Barons pay him tithes to not be invaded
(and of course the Barons tax their own people to pay those tithes)

I’ll give you 1 Barony that is on the border of your land
and that guy pays you PRETTY NICELY
to not take his shit

Current Operations

as a level 2-3 adventure, I have an idea…a Scion of you (who are you, again?)
a Scion of you approaches with a plan
he has found an ancient ritual in their studies of the old Empire
a Conduit Tower (might think of better name) … a tower that can be fed with corpses it can absorb and amplify the faith of worshippers.
Permit this Scion to conduct his ritual, and a tower will grow in your name, consecrating the earth around it, and channeling that power directly to you.

Class and Equipment

also thinking he would probably be a Crusader from ToB

golden warhammer, Malleus Maleficarum , a family heirloom and artifact of the Old Empire.

okay so you are the ruler of this nation at this point
there are 3 baronies that are still intact
but you are as close to a King as can be had, and so we need to think of why you aren’t the King.

the baronies formed a coalition against me?
Could maybe take them in open conflic but that would be a protracted and costly war
it might be that in order to be a legitimate ruler
you have to be sworn in by…naw that would be democracy
I am thinking there is an item or a set of items that the legitimate kings carried
and unless Everyone really loves you as a ruler
you need these items?

could be that in my rise to power I had allied with them to defeat common opponents. Now the enemies are dead but the alliance still remains, but the baronies are loath to give up their independence and I am loath to break my oaths.
So looking for those items you mentioned to 1)legitimize all of this and 2) attempt to bring the barons into the fold
I feel like if you got these items, even the barons would be like well shit
he’s the King
nothing we can do about it.
there is a strong tradition (apparently) of a sense of destiny to these objects
and if they find their way to a person
that person is then fated to rule. it’s not a matter of ability or personality.

The Redeemer

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