Created the Lanataiga,

One of the keys to the Old God

Lvl 3: Rooted: Target is Entangled, and takes 1 point of damage for 1d4 rounds. on Crit.

Lvl 4: Chaos Form: Bonded Wielder gains Weapon Finesse: Vilyataure.

Lvl 6: Entangle as spell, 1/2 Duration, plus 1 dmg per round to all entangled.

Lvl 8: Stormsinger: DC 15 Call Lightning, Caster lvl 10th. On Crit, lasts 1 minute.

Call the Storm: Once, Vilyataure can use the “Control Weather” spell to call a Thunderstorm. Anywhere lightning strikes, new tree growth begins erupting through the ground.


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